What Is Your Child's Unique Homework Personality?

I am convinced that much of the homework turmoil we experience with our children is our own fault. Why? Because we don't accept the fact that not everybody learns and studies in the same way.

Children have unique personalities, different learning styles and preferences, yet we expect all children to do their homework in the same way: sitting at a desk in their bedroom.

The image of a child sitting at a desk burning the midnight oil has been reinforced on TV and in movies and books, but who is to say it is the only and right way to do homework? Some of us expect our children to not only do their homework where we did ours, but when we did it. If you came straight home from school and dove into the books, you probably have a hard time understanding why your daughter needs to relax for a few hours before getting started on her algebra homework.

One of my children (my middle school daughter) walks in the door, pulls her books out of her back pack and starts adding fractions. I ask if she wants a snack, a break, a nap, for cryin' out loud! No, she wants to finish her homework before dinner! My third grade son, on the other hand, would rather do anything other than homework right after school! So, he does it in the morning.

Children will probably always dislike homework, but we can dramatically lessen the stress, resistance and arguments that result from trying to fit square pegs into round holes (or, round pegs into square holes!) I am NOT suggesting that you let your child study spelling words on the roof while eating pizza at midnight because that makes him happy. I AM asking you to take your child's personality and learning style into consideration and accommodate it when possible. So, let your daughter try doing her homework in different places around the house until she finds a comfortable spot. You might find out that she actually enjoys reading her history book while swinging in a hammock!

Are You Supporting Your Child's Homework Personality?

  • Are you asking your easily-distracted child to do her homework in a room full of people?
  • Are you demanding that your son turn off the radio even though background noise helps him relax?
  • Which kind of praise does your child respond to best?
  • Do you need to remind your child about assignments- or let her keep track of everything?
In my family, my daughter has no problem sitting on the floor while she does her homework, but if the TV is on, she will never finish anything, and her homework will be full of mistakes.

So, I allow her to do her homework when and where she wants- without the TV.

My goal is a peaceful home with happy children whose homework is finished!

Isn't that your goal, too?

Take this Homework Personality Quiz and find out what works best for your child!

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