The Magic Homework Box
Really Is Magic!

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I have spent many years teaching and tutoring children- my own and my students. I am always searching for new ideas to make students', teachers' and parents' lives easier.

One of my better ideas is The Magic Homework Box.

I use it in my own house with my own kids, and I tell every parent that I meet at my presentations to use it. I don't have to do much convincing; most parents are very excited about The Magic Homework Box, and put one together within days of attending my Take Back the Night! Slaying the Homework Dragon presentation. And, almost without fail, those that take my advice tell me that this one ideas has changed their lives for the better.

Why is the Magic Homework Box so magic? Do you throw all of your children's homework into it, and it comes out completed and corrected? Sorry. The Magic Homework Box is great, but it's not that great. The Magic Homework Box is command central: a box or carton filled with all of the basic tools and materials a child needs to do his or her homework. At homework time, you pull out The Magic Homework Box, and it's time to boogey. No more "I don't have a pencil" or "I need a brown crayon!" or "I can't do my math because I need a ruler!" excuses. The Magic Homework Box makes those kind of excuses disappear.

What else is so special about The Magic Homework Box?

It can be simple or ornate, and the design can be changed on a whim (sort of like the mind of a child). Try a portable file keeper, a plastic bin, a sturdy cardboard box. Let your child go wild with stickers, crayons, markers. Not in the mood to decorate? Use a pretty, ready-made box. Remember, it is not so important what The Magic Homework Box looks like- it's what goes inside that counts.

It is portable. The Magic Homework Box can be moved around the house, taken to Grandma's or schlepped to soccer practice. I have a mini Magic Homework Box in the car. My kids can finish part or all of their homework while we run errands. Priceless.

It is always ready to do homework. If you keep The Magic Homework Box stocked, AND you only let your children use the materials for homework, that is. That's right, they may not use the crayons to color for fun. No, your spouse may not "borrow" the tape. This is called The Magic Homework Box, and it is only to be used for homework. Don't slide on this rule.

It helps with special (read: horrible) projects and assignments. As soon as you find out about an upcoming project, copy the directions, buy the materials, and throw them in The Magic Homework Box. When your child "loses" the directions, you can whip them out of The Magic Homework Box and laugh. Buying the supplies early means you won't have to fight another parent over the last box of tongue depressors at 9 pm the night before the project is due.

It makes kids happy. Kids love choosing, decorating and filing their own Magic Homework Boxes, and I recommend having one for each child. Put some together as soon as possible. Don't wait until next school year! Do it now!

Ready to make your own Magic Homework Box?

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