Homework and School -
Two Sides of the Same Coin


Homework is sent directly from school, yet many parents don't understand the strong homework and school connection. We sit down, see what comes out of those messy backpacks and hope that between ourselves and our children we will figure it all out. But, in order to know if our children are doing the right homework the right way, parents must fully grasp what is going on at school.

Here are some school-homework issues to consider:

  • What is the school and district homework policy?

  • How important is homework to the school? To the teacher?

  • Is homework help available? What kind? Is it worth your child's time?

What's Happening at the Schoolhouse?

Back to school is the best time of the year, and Back to School Night is the most important night of the school year- at least when it comes to homework! Back to School Night is your opportunity to find out everything you want to know (and some things you don't!) about homework directly from the teacher- and in a public! Ask all of your homework questions, write down the answers, and you will have a clear idea of what your child should be doing for the next 10 months. If you cannot make it to Back to School Night, send someone else and tell them to write down everything! Also, you can meet with the teacher at another time.

What's Happening After School?

Talk about an obvious homework and school connection! After school programs allow students to do their homework while still at school! Sounds great, doesn't it? But, before you start celebrating, make certain that your child's after school program is good for homework; many are not.

If your school's after-school program is good for doing homework, consider your family very, very lucky!

What's Happening with the Teacher?

Forget lucky- if your child has a teacher with reasonable homework expectations, your family is blessed! Think about it: if the teacher only assigns good homework for good reasons, never gives homework over weekends, vacations and holidays, allows families to be flexible in completing projects and assignments- WOW! You may actually be able to enjoy the school year.

The teacher is really the most important variable in the school and homework equation. Find out how to work with your child's teacher so that homework and school can exist peacefully in your family's life.

Be sure that you have a positive and productive parent-teacher conference.

Does your child use the internet at school? Should you be concerned? Check out this article for ways to keep your favorite student safe.
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