Homework Help Is Out There-
If You Know Where to Look!

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Do You Need Homework Help?

  • Are you certain that everybody else has it all figured out?

  • Are you afraid tht your kids are tthe only ones that won't just sit down and get their *&!@# homework finished?

  • Are you worried that you'll never remember how divide to fractions?

Relax! You have plenty of company, and there is plenty of help out there!

Before you look outside of your home for help, find out if you are a good homework helper. There are plenty of things you can do to help your child get the most out of homework.

Sometimes, you need outside assistance...

FREE Homework Help

Money does not grow on trees (or so my parents told me), so let's first look at finding free homework help!

Ever heard the saying Beggars Can't Be Choosers? It means that you can't be picky and demanding when you aren't paying for something. Free homework help- of any kind- usually doesn't last forever. Consider it more of a short-term homework solution.


Most teachers don't go into it for the money. Teachers are over-worked, under-paid and under-appreciated; it's the love of children and teaching that keeps them going. If your child is having trouble with his homework, ask his kind-hearted teacher for help. Perhaps your child can spend a few minutes before or after school with the teacher. Don't be upset or surprised, however, if the teacher simply cannot do it. They have families, meetings, trainings, lessons to prepare, bus duty, extra jobs, etc. (I'll never forget the father that asked me to give up my lunch break every day to sit with his son while he completed homework, projects and reports. The father "didn't have time.") Still, it never hurts to ask- nicely.

Tutors- Friends & Relatives

You probably know someone that would just love to help your child with his reading, math or science homework, but you gotta ask! If a friend or family member does agree to help, make it as comfortable for them as possible. Ask if they would they prefer coming to your house, or should you bring Savannah to them? Let them know that you appreciate any help they can give- even if it's only for a short time. Don't forget to say, "Thank you!" and let them know when those grades and test scores improve!


Once again, you get what you pay for. Type 'free homework help' into a search engine, and you will find all kinds of websites (and some of them have viruses- be careful!) The problem is that many of them just won't meet your family's particular needs. These types of sites are sometimes okay for specific questions (i.e. what color are Saturn's rings). Still, it might take hours to find an answer to a question- or you may never find it at all.

I've been a teacher and a tutor for years, and I've found that the most homework problems are not about finding an answer to one problem; they are the result of not understanding a topic or subject in general. Your child probably needs general homework help (more like tutoring). This kind of thorough tutoring help is nearly impossible to find for free.

One website that I do like is BJ's Pinchbeck's. Also, library sites tend to have decent free homework help sections. Check out East Greenbush Library's site.


That's right, you can tutor your own kids and help them with their homework (you may not want to, but that's another story!) In fact, I feel so strongly about parents making certain that their kids are strong readers, I wrote a book, Tutor Your Child to Reading Success.

Sometimes, though, you gotta face facts! Here's what to do When Your Child's Math Homework Is Too Hard- For YOU!

PAID Homework Help

Money talks! There are many more homework help choices out there- if you are willing to pay.


Did I mention that teachers don't make a lot of money? I know, it's crazy! Unfortunately, our society does not reward teachers' dedication and hard work, but that is not news. So, why am I re-stating the obvious? I want to remind you that many teachers need to supplement their income and are willing to tutor. Ask your child's teacher- or any teacher you respect- if they know any good tutors. Tell them that you are willing to pay for this service.

It is great if your child's teacher is also a tutor: s/he knows exactly where your child needs the most help. Sometimes, however, you must look outside of the schoolhouse for homework help...


Tutoring has become BIG business! Here's How to Find the Perfect Tutor...


Just a few years ago, the idea of receiving tutoring or counseling from the computer would have seemed almost unimaginable! Times have certainly changed, haven't they? You can find help online, especially if you are willing to pay for it. As I mentioned earlier, most online homework help is geared towards answering specific questions; it is more research based. So, if your son or daughter needs to find information for a project or report or help with a geometry problem, you are in luck. If, however, your family needs general homework help, you will have to look a little harder to find a perfect fit.

What about safety? Who has access to your family's personal (phone, address, credit card) information? Can my child log on without me being present?

How much does it cost? Are you billed per call, per minute, per email? Are there package deals? Is there a money-back guarantee?

Questions to Ask About Online Help:

Will a different person help you every time? It is unrealistic to expect that the same guy will be available 24/7, but it would be nice if your child was assigned to a regular group of tutors.

Are the tutors experts in their fields? What kind of training and/or qualifications do they have?

Want More Homework Help? A Little Homework Peace?

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