Find A
Homework Routine
That Works for Your Family!

homework routine

Before you set up a homework routine, be sure to understand your child's unique homework personality! It will help you develop a routine that supports your child's learning style and personality.

Things to Consider When
Establishing A Homework Routine

  • The best time of day for your children. Some of us are "morning people;" others come to life at night. It follows that, in terms of homework and studying, certain times of the day work better for us than others. Some students are still in "learning mode" when they come home from school, and they should do their homework at that time. Other students feel (and think) better in the evening.

  • The best time of day for your family. Think about your family's schedule. Where is everybody after school and until bedtime? Some families have no problem making time for homework in the afternoon, while others have work, after-school and extra-curricular obligations and can't deal with homework until the evening (or vice versa). It makes no sense to establish a homework routine that no one can follow!

  • An eye to the future. Will your children be involved in sports or other activities in a few months? Establish your family's homework routine as if those practices, classes and games have already started. Everybody will have a chance to get used to the routine, and it won't be disrupted later. Who wants to start from scratch every few months?

  • Time off. "Routine" does not mean "slavery." It is important that you include time in the day (and week) when nobody talks about or does any homework. For example, if homework is done after dinner, then do not discuss homework or ask your children to deal with it before then.

    Think it's no big deal? Studies show that just hearing the word "homework" stresses children out: it raises their basal body temperature, speeds up their heart rate, constricts their blood vessels, etc. Most parents ask about homework ("Hi, how was school? Do you have any homework?") within 6 minutes of seeing their children after school! We are causing them immediate stress, and it continues for the rest of the evening!

  • A routine routine. The whole point in establishing a solid routine is so that homework gets done with a minimum of stress and fuss. Homework should just be a small part of the day, like brushing one's teeth. Do not constantly talk about, debate, discuss or fine-tune your family's homework routine. Set it up, and then expect every family member to follow it.

  • Flexibility. Parents, try your best to keep homework time free from outside distraction. Don't schedule appointments or run errands during those times- if you can help it. And, that's the thing: sometimes you can't help it. Stuff happens, plans change, Grandma arrives for an unannounced visit. Oh, well, the homework routine gets thrown out the window for one day! Write a No Homework! note to the teacher and relax!

  • Long term planning. We want our children to become independent and self-motivated learners, right? Right? Yes, we do! In order for this to happen, we must give our kids a routine, help them follow it, and then step back so that it becomes their own. Really, we don't have to be the Homework Police- at least not forever. If we expect and allow our children to be in charge of their own homework, the day will come when they do it all by themselves. (Trust me!) Then, we can just stand back and be proud.

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