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For the the last few years, I have been conducting homework workshops and seminars for parents. That's right, parents are desperate for homework solutions!

If you have found this website, you undoubtedly know that a child's homework can be a hassle for the entire family! Everybody suffers- including the poor family dog that hasn't been on a proper walk since the kids started school!

Seriously, I hear from parents time and time again that they are tired of arguing with their kids day after day about the same things! They wish that they could wave a magic wand and make all their homework troubles disappear!

Well, I don't have a magic wand, but I have discovered a few homework solutions for the most common homework complaints. These ideas are simple (the best ones usually are!) but effective. In fact, parents often email me after a workshop and rave about these how well and quickly these homework solutions have worked for their family.

Now, I can share them with you!

Click on each link and enjoy!

The 1st of the Homework Solutions: Create A "Homework Friendly" Home

Ask yourself, "Could I do my homework in our house? The first of your homework solutions is to make certain that your children have the proper environment! The Homework Five are the five things that your child needs to do her homework: quiet, time, space and comfort, proper lighting, and materials...

Make Some Homework Sandwiches

It has been said that the best way to hand out criticism is to sandwich it between two compliments. Similarly, if you must deliver bad news, layer it between good news. "Sandwiching" also works when convincing your child to do homework- or any task he is not especially excited about...

Write A Homework Contract

In terms of homework, does everyone- Mom, Dad, child, Grandma, babysitter- know what is expected? When will your child start his homework? What happens if homework is not completed? Uh-oh, we had better write this down...

Build A Magic Homework Box

The Magic Homework Box is my most popular homework solution by far! It's "Command Central": a box or carton filled with all the tools and materials a student needs to do his or her homework. It should contain...

Take the Homework Personality Quiz

I am convinced that much of the homework turmoil we experience with our children is our own fault. Why? Because we don't accept the fact that not everybody learns and studies the same way.

There's More? WOW

How to Organize Your Homeork and Study Each Subject So You Can Get Great Grades and Have A Life!

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