Math Homework Help
for Students-
and Their Parents!

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Before I share the best places to receive math homework help, I want to remind parents exactly how I feel their involvment with their children's homework:

Parents should not do their children's homework, keep track of their children's homework, or worry about their children's homework!

Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be able to answer a question now and then, right? The problem is that it is not always easy to help with math homework. It's super hard, it's been a few years since you studied it, they teach it differently, you have a festering case of math anxiety...

Relax, parents! The following list of websites are great places to find answers to tonight's math homework, refresh your math memory and help you keep your reputation as the family know-it-all! The best part, all of these sites are free, easy-to-navigate and anonymous.

So, get to work!

The Best Websites for Math Homework Help

Math for Morons Like Us-
Not only is this a great name for a math site, this is a great site! Visit this site first if you want clear explanations of math concepts and a general math refresher.

Web Math-
Tell me, where was this site when I was in school? (For that matter, where was the internet?) You can type in data and/or actual math problems and get an answer! Use this site to check answers- yours and your child's!

Discovery Education Math Homework Help-
Both you and your kids will love this site! Please, please, please check out Math: Master the Basics where you and your child can watch video tutorials that are actually interesting. Who knew?

Quick Math-
This site describes itself as an "online calculator that solves equations." Excuse me! This is a good place for high school and college students.

Super Kids Math Worksheets- Hold on! You know I do not like worksheets, but this site is fabulous! If you need a refresher (don't we all) in a particular subject, check out its Quick Tips. You will be an expert in no time!

A Maths Dictionary for Kids-
Visit this site with your kids to prepare and study for tests, to review definitions and to get your math on. This is one of my favorites.
There is a reason why this site is number one on Google: it has it all! You might not need everything they offer, but you gotta check out the Hot Subjects section for help with whatever is not your hot subject. Fractions, anyone?

Not Free, But Reasonable...

Click and Climb Online Math Tutoring-
We have all heard the saying You Get What You Pay For. Sometimes, you gotta bite the bullet and spend money for math help. If your family is looking for "one-on-one math tutoring at an affordable price" this is your site!

Homework Peace Is Yours for the Taking...

You can be a good homework helper

You can use a tutor to get some math homework help

What to do when your child's math homework is too hard- for you!
Homework Organization E-Course

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