Homework Organization E-Course

At Family Homework Answers, we show families how a homework philosophy & homework organization can help them reclaim their lives and sanity!

Family Homework Answers


  • The best amount and type of homework for each grade level- and when to do it.
  • What Good homework, Bad Homework and Too Much Homework look like.
  • The latest homework news from the Homework Blog.
  • How to prepare for next week's history test.
  • Where to look for ideas for that science fair project.
  • What to do when your child has a homework meltdown.
  • How to study for quizzes and tests (and conquer test anxiety!
  • The best way to help with tonight's math problems.
  • How to work with teachers.
  • Simple ways to organize homework and create a "homework friendly" home.
  • Homework questions to ask at Back-to-School Night and Parent Teacher Conferences.
  • How to create your own web page, ask homework questions, brag about a teacher, share homework solutions- even tell homework jokes!
  • How to hire a tutor (if you really need one!)

Family Homework Answers is the Homework Solution for busy, stressed-out families. Not only will you find specific homework answers and help, this site provides information and support to deal with...

Homework Danger!


Ruining Family Life

Too Much Homework

Manageable Homework

No Homework!

Where is your family on this thermometer? Where do you want to be?

Homework Help from A Fellow Sufferer!

I am a parent, teacher and educational consultant, and I feel your pain!

As a parent, I have watched my daughter cry over a science fair project. I have seen my seven year-old son try to choose between going to taekwondo practice or stay home and do another silly math sheet. I have stood at the bottom of the stairs and demanded that my daughter put down her homework and join the rest of the family for Thanksgiving Dinner.

As a teacher, I have assigned homework, collected homework, corrected homework and graded homework. I have punished students for not turning in their homework. I have listened to fantastic homework excuses and I have heard legitimate reasons why doing homework is simply not feasible for many families.

As an educational consultant and speaker, I hear over and over again that parents are tired of fighting with their children over homework- and having to sit there with them while they do it. Parents tell me that because of homework, their children don't have time for sports and clubs, they no longer like to read and they hate school. Mothers and fathers worry that all their children will remember about their childhoods is nagging about homework. I hear parents of both high school students and kindergarteners complain that their kids "just need to focus!"

Oh, believe me, I know all about the Homework Struggle! I have lived through it, studied it, written about it, talked about it, and, through this website, I am sharing what I have learned through my own and others' experiences.

Reading Together:
How to Find & Share Books with Your Child
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