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Homework Problems?
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I started this site, Family Homework Answers, in June (o8) after conducting a homework training at an elementary school in Berkeley (CA) for teachers. I met some lovely, hard-working and helpful teachers. They were friendly, positive and open to hearing what the parents at their school had shared with me at earlier workshops about homework. They were interested in recent homework studies and welcomed suggestions to help parents deal with their family's homework issues. It was great, but honestly, I meet wonderful teachers all of the time.

What was so amazing and eye-opening to me about this particular training was how hostile and resistant some of these teachers were to even considering that homework was hurting families!

They simply did not want to hear any suggestion that the type and amount of homework they had been assigning to their students was a problem.

It was only a handful of teachers, but these few teaches were worse than any students I have ever had: they attacked the other teachers, tried to shut me up, and when those things did not work, they held loud, cackling conversations in an attempt to drown out the discussion. I was shocked by such rudeness!

As I drove home, I wondered, "How could a parent deal with teachers like that?" I am an experienced teacher, I have researched the 'homework issues,' and so I am confident in my belief that most homework is a waste of time. But, what about parents that aren't so sure? All they know is that their child is unhappy, homework is causing problems night after night. If they approached those teachers for support or understanding...

Well, they wouldn't get it.

I started Family Homework Answers as a welcoming place for families to find support and encouragement, get homework answers and solutions, gain some confidence, figure out their own homework philosophy, share ideas and tips, vent, and, FINALLY, finish that homework, start enjoying life, and get some Homework Peace!

(I also wanted my own business, but we can talk about that later!)

Welcome to Family Homework Answers!

Let's get started on that homework peace

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