Parent Teacher Conferences

Let's Talk About Homework
(and other stuff!)

Ah, time again for Parent Teacher Conferences! Depending on what kind of school year your child has had so far, conferences can be a joy or a bummer. Regardless, conferences give parents an opportunity to discuss homework- and more.

Doesn't it seem like eons ago when you attended Back-to-School Night and bravely asked Homework Questions to Ask the Teacher or went to the first parent teacher conference? If you did NOT bravely ask those questions (or if you can't remember what you discussed at that first conference), it is still not too late to do it at your parent-teacher conference! Print out the list and write down the teacher's answers.

5 Questions to Ask at
Parent Teacher Conferences

Once you've gotten those homework questions out of the way, you are ready to tackle some new issues.

Remember, the teacher is going to have a lot of material for you, so speak up and speak early!

  1. What Is the One Thing You Think I Should Know About How My Child Is Doing? Most parent teacher conferences are only 20 to 30 minutes; we don't have all day to talk about every little thing. As a parent, I want to know what is really important.

  2. What Is My Child's Fluency Level? I've said it before, and, I'll say it again: It's All About Reading. Your child must be a strong, masterful, confident reader, and your child's teacher should be able to tell you whether or not your child is reading at, below or above grade level.

  3. Is My Child Missing Any Assignments? Not that I am going to go home and find these assignments, mind you. However, I do want to know if my child is being responsible and turning in her work. And, if you give me a list, I will definitely pass it on to my child.

  4. Are There Any Big Projects Coming Up- and When Are They Due? I am still angry with my daughter's 5th grade teacher for having a (ridiculous) project due the last week of school! Even worse, we didn't hear about the project until two weeks before it was due! I would much rather have a good head start on those projects wouldn't you?

  5. Will You Be Assigning Homework During Standardized Testing? Some teachers do; some teachers don't; many teachers have never thought about it. Wouldn't it be fabulous if you asked this question, and your child's teacher decided NOT to assign homework for two weeks? They go on and on about making certain that our children are prepared for standardized testing; how about sending them to school rested and refreshed?

    Want to Do More?

    Sign the Homework Manifesto

    Make your house "homework friendly"

    Don't worry about parent teacher conferences (or anything else!)

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