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It's a fact of life that, in order to succeed in school, students need homework and study help. It's also a fact that most students do not know how to study effectively. It is so heartbreaking to watch students want to do well in school (master material, pass tests, get good grades), but don’t seem to be able to do so. After years as both a student and a teacher, I have come to the conclusion that there are two reasons why most students don't know how to study properly:

  1. Younger students are too young. Young (K-3) students aren't developmentally ready to spend six hours sitting in a classroom and then spend hours studying at home. This is why so many parents complain that their child, "Won't focus!" Duh! He used up all his "focus" at school. After a day of trying to sit still and cram information into his head, your child needs to rest, relax and rejuvenate. (And, so do you, but that's another article!)

  2. Older students don't know how. Older students need to study, and they are able to do it- for a reasonable amount of time. The problem is that NOBODY SHOWS THEM HOW TO STUDY! They have the ability to buckle down and focus, but we neglect to teach students how to study! It really makes no sense!

    What’s going on here?

    Parents expect that students learn how to study in school; teachers assume that students will “pick it up” somewhere, somehow. Students think something is wrong with them for not knowing how to study effectively. Everybody’s wrong!

    We must teach most children how to study effectively!

Do All Students Need Study Help?

Pretty much.

Some incredibly lucky students are taught how to study by a teacher, friend or parent. Some super incredibly lucky students stumble upon a study system that works perfectly for them. Some amazingly incredibly lucky (and rare) students don't have to study- they easily and effortlessly pass every test.

This article is for everybody else.

And, by everybody else I mean the millions and millions of middle school, high school and college students that desperately need homework and study help.

Do You Know Any Students That Are...?

  • tired of spinning their wheels and getting nowhere?

  • sick of doing poorly on tests, quizzes or exams?

  • ready to learn how to study the right way and get on with life?

Homework and Study Help for Students

Parents and teachers must figure out how to help students learn how to study. We must show them how to study, teach them how to study, and then remind them to study! We must give students the tools they need to succeed! And, those study tools need to be simple, quick, easy and effective because the fact is that most study systems are too complicated, too difficult to master and require too much change.

Take a look at these study systems, courses and e books and find the best one for yourself or the student in your life.

  • Homework Organization and How to Study: A Video E Course for Intermediate, Middle and High School Parents. In this video e course, I share the homework and study tips that I learned years ago and still use today. One of the things that sets this e course apart (if I do say so myself!) is that it is a video, and students can sit back and absorb everything I show them. They don't have to read, read, read! But, by the end, they are organized, doing homework and studying!

  • Know a student that might want to get high grades with the least amount of effort? Of course you do! This popular program promises amazing results- and it's quick and easy, to boot!

  • Here's an e book (with LOTS of FREEBIES!) that promises to teach students Ultimate Study Secrets!? This one has a lot of information, so give yourself some time to check it all out!

  • This e book is for the millions of PARENTS that have a child with a learning disability. The e book helps parents decipher disability jargon, effectively work with teachers and specialists, figure out the IEP process, navigate educational meetings... be in charge and in control of their children's education.

  • This system promises that students can study less and remember more! Who doesn't want some of that?

  • And, finally, let's show students how to study smart, not hard!

Parents and students, the information is out there! Students need to know how to study, and they can do it- with the right tools and good, solid instruction.

Good luck and don’t give up!

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