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I Love Being A Teacher-
I Don't Love Being Paid Like One!

I have always LOVED teaching! When I was seven years old, I turned my bedroom into a classroom and taught my little sister and her friends to read. (My sister recently published a best-selling book, and I take at least some of the credit!)

Throughout the years, I have had a number of jobs and careers, including but not (hardly) limited to:

  • Cosmetic sales director (yes, I had the pink cadillac!)

  • Hair salon owner and stylist

  • Executive assistant

  • Medical insurance biller

  • Business owner

  • Author

  • Blogger

  • Professional speaker

I enjoy trying new things, but I always come back to teaching. I have taught all ages and all stages: teachers, adults learning English as a second language, elementary, middle and high school students, you name it! I love sharing information, developing lesson plans, joining others on their own 'learning journey.'

Is there something you love doing, something you feel you were "meant" to do, something that other people say you are a "natural" at doing? Wouldn't you love being able to make a GOOD living doing that?

Site Build It!

When I'm not teaching, I feel unfulfilled, unhappy and unproductive. So, why don't I just stick to teaching? Why do I leave for a few years, do something else, come back to teaching, leave again...

It's the money, honey!

I LOVE Being A Teacher- I Don't Love Being Paid Like One!

You might have heard that teachers don't make big bucks. (This says something about how much our society values education, but I will leave that discussion for another day.) I would like to point out that there are many (millions?) people just like me: we want to teach, help, serve others, make a difference, contribute to society, express our creativity and individuality, but we just can't afford to do it full time. So, instead of doing what we are called to do, we work for the money.

It's sad, and you know what I find even sadder? Having to work when you want to be home with your own children- whether for a few years before they start school or to home school.

It should come as no surprise that I have been in both of those situations, as well! I stopped working outside the home when both of my children were born, and I home-schooled my son for a time. While I enjoyed those opportunities and I cherish those memories, the money was THE PITS!

It was a strain and a struggle for my family to survive on one income.

And, here's the thing: I don't want to simply survive; I want to thrive, and I won't apologize for it, either!

I'm a devoted mom, a dedicated teacher, a hard worker and a careful money manager. I do not think it is asking too much to be able to:

  • spend time with my children
  • teach school (my chosen profession)
  • conduct reading and homework workshops
  • support my favorite charities
  • travel the world with my family
  • save for my children's college education and my retirement
  • go out to dinner and the movies periodically
  • write and study
  • decorate my home
  • buy gifts for my family and friends
  • pay my bills without worry
  • live a little!

In my quest to do and have all of these things, I have tried almost every work combination imaginable: part-time, full-time, no-time. Some situations worked for a while and some were better than others, but I always felt like I was compromising, giving something up. I just couldn't get it right.

Until now...

Finally! I have found a situation that allows me to teach, spend time with my children, build a website, expand my speaking business, AND earn the kind of money I desire!

And, I'm not the only one whose dreams are turning into reality...

Why Others Started SBI! Businesses


Even after all of these months, I still love listening to other Site Build It! website owners talk about their businesses! I am amazed by how well SBI! fits into so many different lives and meets so many needs. Young or old, male or female, single or married, computer savvy or barely knowing how to turn on the computer :), working or not- SBI! works!

What really, truly, completely amazes me is how easy SBI! makes the whole process of developing an internet business!

Oh, did I forget to mention just how tired I am of always having to learn new things?

I Am A Teacher &
Yes, I'm Tired of Learning!

Let me explain.

For the most part, I love learning. I enjoy researching and studying a topic in depth. I love the thrill of discovery and sharing what I have learned with others. I get a kick out of diagnosing and solving problems. When it comes to literacy, literature, education, homework, parenting, etc. I am never done learning. I have no problem reading, writing and talking about those subjects until the cows come home!

It's some of the other stuff that I don't want to figure out!

Yes, I want to a top-notch website. Yes, I want to reach millions of families. Yes, I want to earn a good income. I want all of these things; I just don't have the time, energy or inclination to become an expert in

  • search engine optimization
  • html and css
  • website design
  • internet marketing
  • social networking
  • publishing an ezine newsletter
  • monetizing
  • maintaining a blog
I love Site Build It! because they have already figured all of those things out, which means I don't have to! I can have a beautiful and effective website, but I don't have to become a "web master."

Thank goodness!

With SBI! I am able to can concentrate on doing what I love to do.

SBI! frees up my time so I can focus on my business.

Imagine that!

Top 10 Ways
SBI! Helps You Build A Business

  1. A SBI! Services Specialist takes care of all the technical stuff for you, from domain renewal to advanced management of Search Engines.

  2. SBI! builds you a site that serves as a buffer against economic downturns, recessions, and low business cycles.

  3. Any Web designer can build a nice-looking site. SBI! takes their professional-looking sites to the next level.

  4. SBI! sites deliver free targeted traffic from the Search Engines and increase profit potential, without the high cost and effort of traditional marketing means.

  5. SBI! provides turn-key Web sites that produce results. Their specialists, using the proven Site Build It! system, build top-quality, high-traffic Web sites in an organized, professional manner and at a competitive price.

    Most Webmasters merely "put up" sites. They may be beautifully designed sites but they do not build traffic (targeted visitors).

  6. SiteSell Services use Site Build It!'s proven C T P M process to build you a Content-packed Web site which works to bring Traffic to your site. That traffic can then be PREsold on your recommendations, suggestions and offerings and this "warmed up" receptive reaction ultimately leads to Monetization. C T P M is the core that sets Site Build It! and SiteSell Services apart.

  7. SBI! guides you through the process of identifying "searcher" demand, creating focused content to meet it, and setting up traffic-building systems.

  8. A SBI! specialist performs a thorough keyword research based on your business theme. These are the types of words that potential customers enter at Google (and other engines) to find you, instead of competitors!

  9. All the tools needed to build a highly trafficked Web site exist under one roof, enabling your specialist to execute sophisticated techniques efficiently.

    Each page of your site is aimed at pulling in targeted visitors. An increased number of Web site visitors means more new business.

    Targeted visitors are motivated, interested visitors. Delivering that kind of traffic, for free from the Search Engines, is what SBI! is all about. As your site grows, your traffic builds.

  10. SBI! keeps packages affordable. Specialists work efficiently, using the powerful combination of a proven process and a comprehensive suite of advanced site-building tools. Productivity benefits are passed on to you, leaving you with more money (and time!) for other parts of your business.

    I want to cry when I think about the money I have spent (wasted) over the years trying to build my various businesses! Now, for one low price, I have a growing website that can compete with the "Big Boys!"

Why Others Love SBI!

"My online success means so much more to me than money. The fulfillment I feel in my own life and the example I'm setting for my kids far outweighs the dollars (although dollars will always be welcome!). ;-) My boys are growing up with the knowledge that they really can achieve their dreams if they're willing to have faith in themselves and take action in their lives. Then all it takes is some dedication and hard work, which is easy to muster when you're doing something you love! ... Oh yeah, and SBI! of course."
~ Michelle Schill

"There was no way that I could have built a financially profitable business with my magazine, on its own. But thanks to all the options and resources from SBI, and to lots of out-of-the-box thinking, I found that it is possible to build a business that combines multiple streams of income from a variety of ancillary products and services (e-courses, teleworkshops, eBooks, lectures, an online marketplace, etc.) that are making a difference in the lives of my audience."
~ Marney Makridakis
Artella Words And Art

"What can I say? Life has never been better. Freedom is something that can't be paid for. It's not that I work less, I probably work more than I ever did, but I do it on my own terms. It doesn't feel like work at all.I am confident that I will never have to work for others again unless I want to!"
~ B. Bradtke

"I sat at my PC and just typed and typed. I knew absolutely nothing about the internet, websites, HTML, or anything... I just typed. The great thing about SBI is that they do all of the hard (and necessary) work for me. That frees up my time to do what I do best and love the most... write, teach, play, and learn."
~ Nick Stubbs

Want to learn more from these business owners?

Or, are you ready to get started with your own business?

Take the full advantage of a system that has delivered for me and so many others. SBI! is your answer.

I'll see you at the top!

Site Build It!


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