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homework: viewed by an 11 year old

by mystery 11 year old
(some where on neptune)

okay okay, i'm 11. but i have some great opinions on some tough topics.
ugh. homework.
do we need it?
oh sure, it helps your grades and your learning.
or does it?
it wastes paper, time and money.
what happened to save the polar bears?
let's face it: no one likes homework!!!!
teachers don't like it because it takes a lot of time to grade.
students don't like it because it because it takes to long to do and it's bo-ring!
brains can explode from doing too much homework!(kidding!)

really though sometimes kids stay up too late doing homework, which effects EVERYONE
parents late for work...
siblings cranky...
teachers mad...
you get the point.

do YOU want homework to be banned?
i sure do.

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