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Are You Maybe Just A Little Too Involved In Your Child's Homework?

by Angela Norton Tyler

Does it sometimes feel as though your child's homework is really your homework? Well, here's a little bit of levity to remind you that you don't have to relive elementary, middle and high school homework.

10 clues that you are (maybe) too involved with your child's homework:

  1. You weep with relief when your child does NOT have any homework.

  2. You were so afraid to leave your child's side while she was doing her homework that you wet your pants, didn't answer the door (you won the lottery; they brought a check) and missed your spouse on TV.

  3. You seem surprised that the teacher sends home homework information addressed to your child and not to you.

  4. You want another chance on that science project- you could do better!

  5. You have the following phone numbers on speed dial: the school office, the teachers' lounge and the teacher's cell phone.

  6. You know the teacher's email address by heart. (I'm talking about the loooongg one through the district.)

  7. Your New Year's Resolution is to figure out the teacher's home number.

  8. You really don't want to call the teacher every day during lunch, but reaching her after school is impossible: she likes to make copies on Monday, she has a staff meeting on Tuesday, a grade level meeting on Wednesday, she tutors on Thursday and she leaves right after school on Friday.

  9. You don't need Power School to tell you which homework assignments your child has completed- you have created your own homework spreadsheet, and it clearly shows that EVERYTHING has been turned in.

  10. You child asks, "When are you going to be done with my homework? I'm hungry!"

Try to relax! Your child can still learn, do well in school and grow up to be a productive member of society- even if he doesn't always turn in his homework. Seriously!

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