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No matter where I go, I meet parents struggling to help their children become good readers and independent learners- all while trying not to let homework ruin their lives. Of course parents want to help their children become excited and masterful learners, but how can they do it? It's all so confusing and crazy; and the stakes- our children's future- are high.

Parents are desperate for information and support, but whom can they trust?

I am a teacher and a parent willing to share my experiences at home with my children and in the classroom with my students. I enjoy helping and inspiring parents to feel positively about themselves and their abilities.

My goal is to see all children reading happily, learning eagerly and succeeding academically. I believe that the best way to make this happen is through empowering parents. Whether our children attend public, private or home school- we must do whatever it takes to make certain that they become life-long, enthusiastic and independent learners!"

In 2005 I published the book, Tutor Your Child to Reading Success, and began presenting seminars and workshops, mostly for parents. I love watching a group of parents come together to support, encourage and motivate one another. Parents need tips, ideas, and information to help them fight for what's best for their children, and I have found that one of the most effective ways for me to reach parents is through my presentations and workshops.

I offer the following Homework and Reading Parent Presentations:

Presentations & Workshops
for Parents

Homework Presentations

Presentation Description Length
Getting the Most Out of Homework Is homework a waste of time? Does it serve any purpose at all? Should parents insist that their children do homework? All of it? Some of it? What do the studies tell us? Questions, questions! Angela will share her knowledge and experience to help you find the homework answers you and your family need! 1 hour
Take Back the Night! Slaying the Homework Dragon Is homework ruining your family’s evenings and weekends? Are you tired of fighting with your child about homework? Are you worried that your child will always need you to push and remind them to do their homework? Stop being the Homework Police! In this popular seminar parents learn HOW a quick personality test can help end homework wars, WHY it’s a good idea to create a Magic Homework Box, WHEN to serve Homework Sandwiches, WHAT to say to convince teachers to give less homework, and much more. You deserve peaceful evenings and weekends! 2.5 - 3 hours

Reading Presentations

Presentation Description Length
Quick & Easy Reading Comprehension Does your child read but not understand most of what they have read? The whole point of reading is to gain knowledge and understanding. In this seminar, parents learn how to help their children read better, faster and with greater comprehension. Using teaching techniques such as modeling, pre-reading, and even art, parents will watch as their children increase understanding and become more interested in the printed word. 1 hour
Propel Your Child to Reading Success Is your child a struggling or unexcited reader who would rather do anything other than pick up a book? Do you dream of seeing your child reading well and enthusiastically? Two things must happen: first you must teach your children to read well, and then you must sell them on the joys of reading. In this seminar, parents learn how to do both and leave with a step-by-step plan, simple strategies and tons of ideas to guide their children from struggling or reluctant readers to those reading happily at (or beyond!) grade level. 2.5 - 3 hours

A Successful, Fun, Informative Event-
Especially for YOU!

Contrary to popular belief, one size does NOT fit all!

My presentations can be changed and/ or combined to create the best experience for your school or organization.

Here are just a few ideas to consider:

  • We can combine two reading presentations into a great day-long workshop.

  • Let's schedule a homework presentation this week and a reading presentation the next week.

  • How about a homework workshop for teachers after the one for parents?

It's all about what you and your parents want and need!

NEW! Virtual Presentations!

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I live in Northern California, and while I love to travel all over the country for homework and reading presentations, it's not always possible. It is especially difficult to coordinate schedules during the week, which is when most schools have their PTA meetings and events.

But, the good news is that I can come to your school or organization 24 hours a day!

The power of the internet allows me to offer Virtual Presentations. Any parent or teacher with access to the internet can "tune in" to any of the presentations listed above- or, work with me to create a custom event for your school!

For more information about virtual presentations, please contact me.

The Buzz

About Me, My Presentations, My Book...

Parents and teachers leave my presentations with tools, tips, ideas and advice so that they are able to help their children
succeed academically.

More importantly, they leave feeling good about themselves and their abilities
to educate their children.

Help your parents help their children!


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