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  • Great presenter- informative and entertaining. (Marni M., parent)

  • She was very honest and open.

  • Lots of good hints.

  • She is great!

  • Thank you! I came away from this with new ideas! (Caryne Mount, parent)

  • Thank you for some great advice and ideas! (Cheryl Palmer, parent)

  • Excellent resources and tools provided. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! (Tracy Melone, parent)

  • Great class- helped with making reading fun and educational. (Elaine Kruse, parent)

  • Since taking Angela’s workshops, I feel empowered. (Kira Reoutt, parent)

  • You were a big hit! I have heard nothing but positive feedback on your presentation, and I enjoyed it myself! (Rebecca Abravanel, parent)

  • You are providing a much needed program because children are overwhelmed with homework today and that means their parents are too. (Adelle Gersten, grandmother)

  • Thank you for your talk today. You were engaging, funny, and had great information. I had several people come up to me later in the day to tell me how great you were. (Robin Hurwitz, parent)

  • Definite practical solutions. I will even share this information with my ex-husband! (Anne Toth, parent)

  • I really loved your Slaying the Homework Dragon. I did go out one day later and make up homework boxes for my girls. What a difference a box makes! Thanx a million! (Kari Anderson, parent)

  • (My son) and I worked on a homework contract last night. He was very engaged with it and came home with his planner fully penciled in today for the first time in ages! (Gloria G., parent)

  • I went from crying over my kid’s homework to laughing through Angela’s seminar. She managed to cram tons of useful information into my head without overwhelming or boring me!" (M. Anne Jousse, parent)

  • Angela is a godsend to the teaching profession! (Sonjhia Lowery, parent and vice-principal)

  • I cannot say enough good things about Angela and her book. If your child is struggling, you can get them on track. If your child is a good reader, they can be a great reader. Get Angela Norton Tyler to come to your school or parent’s group and get her book, Tutor Your Child to Reading Success. You’ll have so much fun at one of her workshops, you might not realize how much *you’ve* learned. (Kira Reoutt, parent)

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