Let's Talk, Work Together & Figure Out the BEST Plan to Help Your Child Succeed in School!

Are You This Type of Parent?

Together, you and I can figure out how to help your child, but we will have to work hard. I prefer to work with a certain type of parent.

You see, over the years I have discovered that not every parent is willing to do what it takes to help their children succeed in school. They talk a good game, but when it comes down to it... they wimp out. It is heartbreaking to watch parents let their children down, and, frankly, I refuse to be part of it.

Hopefully, You Are This Kind of Parent

Fortunately, there are a lot of really caring, dedicated and determined parents out there. These parents are:

  • Committed to doing whatever it takes to make certain that their children are well educated.

  • Willing to take time, spend money, do research to figure out what's best for their children.

  • Keep going until they figure it out!

  • Encourage their children's love of learning (all children love to learn, by the way).

  • Want their children's report cards to reflect their intelligence and hard work.

  • Dream of their children attending the college of their choice (a scholarship would be awesome!) and earning a good, honest living.

  • Want their children to be strong, independent, life-long learners.

  • View their children as confident and capable with high self-esteem.

  • Love and believe in their children-and make sure they know it.

Now, if you are this kind of parent... keep reading!

Do You Need A Personal Homework Consultation? There are two kinds of parents that need my personal homework and studying consultation:

* Parents worried about how their child IS doing in school right now, TODAY

Are you worried (scared, concerned, sick) about how your child is doing in school? Are you dealing with ugly report cards, bad grades, phone calls from the teacher, "missing" homework, fights, tears, punishments?

* Parents worried about how their child WILL be doing in school TOMORROW

Are you worried (frightened, alarmed, nervous) about how your child will be doing in school later/ next semester/ next year/ down the road? Things might be okay now, but you can see the writing on the wall, and you want to put the brakes on and do something now. BEFORE it's too late.

What Should Parents Do If Their Child Is
NOT Doing Well in School?

It's hard being a parent, and it's often hard to know what to do if your child isn't succeeding in school. Should you hire a tutor? Homeschool? Change schools? Hold them back a grade?

Yell, scream, beg, threaten?

The answer is different for each family (and that's what we figure out in your consultation), but here is what YOU must do:

  1. Trust yourself. If you think that something is wrong- that's good enough. Don't listen to anybody tell you that "it's no big deal... he'll catch up... you're a worry-wart... everything's fine." Forget that! You know your kid better than anybody, and if something isn't right, it isn't right. Just the fact that you found this page tells me that you know something needs to be done. Which brings me to...

  2. Sign Up for A Personal Homework & Studying Consultation!

    Let me help you and your family! Let me show you how to navigate the school system, talk to teachers, deal with homework, study well and get some peace!

I am a teacher, parent, tutor, author, speaker and consultant that has counseled many, many parents and students over the years. I enjoy doing homework and reading presentations for schools and organizations, and my Homework Organization & How to Study video e course can make a huge difference in students' lives.

Personal Homework & Consultations are for those of you that want:

  • One-on-one help.

  • To talk to me directly, personally and privately- not at a public presentation.

  • To ask questions, not just listen to me on a video.

  • To bounce their ideas off an objective, impartial third party. Family and friends are great, but sometimes they think they know everything about you, your kids, your life! Often, the best person to help you with a problem is someone with a fresh set of eyes, a new perspective. It's even better when that third party is a teacher and a parent that understands what you are going through and dealing with on a daily basis. (Plus, whether or not you take my advice, I won't bring it up at every holiday dinner!)

You get all of this and more with my Personal Homework & Studying Consultation!


How It Works. You Get:

  1. Comprehensive list of pre-consultation questions. These questions will help you and your child pinpoint his homework and/or studying problem so that we can begin to solve them.

    You can either email me the answers or wait until we talk.

  2. 1 hour phone consultation. We need to talk! I will want to speak to you, of course, but it would also be extremely wise and incredibly helpful if I can speak to your child at least once. I can also talk to or email teachers.

    The 60 minutes can be divided into 2 3 or 4 calls, depending on what works best for you and your family.

  3. Detailed plan of action. After speaking to you and your child, I will spend a few days writing your family's Personalized Homework & Studying Plan of Action, which I will email to you and up to three (3) other people (i.e. your child, his teacher, his tutor).

  4. FREE access to Homework Organization & How to Study video e course. This comprehensive course includes over 7 videos and a whole lotta information and materials! I charge $47 for the e course, but you receive unlimited access to all of it for FREE with your free consultation.

  5. Follow-up email contact. Email me and let me know how everything is working! Does your Personalized Homework & Studying Plan of Action need a bit of "tweaking"? Email me. Got a new idea, revelation, challenge? Email me! Want to ask another questions? Email me!

Ready to Watch Your Child
Succeed Academically?
Of course you are!

1. Purchase your consultation (click the yellow Buy Now button at the bottom of this page). After this safe transaction, you will provide me with your email address.

2. I will then email you the comprehensive list of questions and available times to schedule our 1st phone call.

3. A few days later, we will have our first consultation phone call!

4. You and your child will receive a Personalized Homework and Studying Plan of Action.

5. Other phone calls may follow (i.e. you, your child, his teacher, etc.).

6. With your guidance and support, your child will follow the Personalized Homework and Studying Plan of Action. Amazing things will happen!

7. We will speak again and/ or exchange follow up emails as needed.

8. Your child thanks us both when she receives the Nobel Peace Prize, the Academy Award and the Medal of Honor (not guaranteed, but I'm betting on it :).

Do something NOW!
Time is of the essence. Do not wait and see if things get better. They won't. The work is only going to get more difficult. Your child is only going to fall further behind and feel worse than she does right now.
The gap is only going to widen.


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